Wright Armory i-DOT

Wright Armory i-DOT System 

(Interchangeable Dot Optic Tray System For All HK Hammer Fired Pistols)

The Wright Armory i-DOT System was specifically designed for HK hammer fired pistols i.e.: all sizes SK-L of the P30, P2000, HK45, USP, USP C, USP Expert and USP Elite pistol lineups. The i-DOT System not only allows for a consistent mounting solution for full-size Red Dots on these pistols but it also allows for interchangeability of optics. ⁣

Once your pistol has been machined for the Wright Armory i-DOT System, swapping from a Trijicon RMR to an Aimpoint ACRO or even a micro dot like the Holosun 507k is a breeze! It’s as simple as undoing 4 screws.⁣

The i-DOT Conversion is $450 and it includes:⁣

  • Machining your slide for the i-DOT System ⁣
  • The proper i-DOT plate for your respective optic footprint: Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint ACRO, Holosun 509T, Holosun 507k⁣, or RMRcc
  • ⁣Blackout backup irons with a lower 1/3 cowitness⁣
  • QPQ Black Nitride refinishing on the slide to withstand the harshest of environments
  • QPQ Black Nitrided screws & mounting hardware
  • Complimentary installation and boresight of your optic⁣

With a price tag of $450 for the complete package the i-DOT System provides more options, for more optics, at a better price. Period.⁣

Give your HK the love it deserves. Your future self will thank you.⁣

*Current lead time is 3-6 weeks. This package is for work on a customer provided slide.


i-DOT Conversion Order Form


**If you would like to purchase a complete pistol that has already been converted, please click the link below.


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Read to Ship i-DOT HK P30’s

No more waiting… You can now purchase your P30 with our patent pending i-DOT conversion already performed. These pre-converted HK P30’s are ready to ship to the dealer of your choice.

**Most orders will ship within 1-2 business days**


This Is The Whole Package – $1,250

The Wright Armory i-DOT System provides more options, for more optics, with the lowest optic height, at a better price. Period.


Your new Wright Armory i-DOT HK P30 will include:

  • Wright Armory i-DOT Conversion (patent pending)
  • Optic plate of your choice – available footprints listed below
  • Blackout backup irons with a lower 1/3 co-witness⁣
  • WA i-DOT Logo on the slide
  • QPQ Black Nitride Refinishing on the slide
  • QPQ Black Nitride on all screws and iron sights
  • Glock style rear dovetail allowing for sight customization
  • Shipping to your preferred FFL


Available Optics Plates

  • ACRO: Aimpoint ACRO P1 & P2
  • 507K: Holosun 507K, 407K, EPS, EPS Carry
  • 509T: Holosun 509T
  • Leupold Delta Point Pro: *Coming Soon*
  • RMR: Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Holosun 407C, 507C, 508T
  • RMRcc: Trijicon RMRcc


Available P30’s (all 9mm)

  • P30SK (w/ 1 10rnd & 1 13rnd mag)
  • P30 (w/ 2 17rnd mags)
  • P30L (w/ 2 17rnd mags)


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