Wright Armory i-DOT

Wright Armory i-DOT Conversion


Our patent pending i-DOT system was designed specifically for Hammer Fired HK Pistols.


The Wright Armory i-DOT System was specifically designed for HK hammer fired pistols i.e.: the P30, P2000, USP, USP C, USP Tactical, USP Expert, USP Elite, HK45, HK45C, and HK 45 Tactical pistol lineups in the SK, Standard, and L sizes. The i-DOT System not only allows for a consistent mounting solution for full-size Red Dots on these pistols but it also allows for interchangeability of optics. ⁣

Once your pistol has been machined for the Wright Armory i-DOT System, swapping from a Trijicon RMR to an Aimpoint ACRO or even a micro dot like the Holosun 507k is a breeze! It’s as simple as undoing 4 screws.⁣

The i-DOT Conversion is $450 ($474.77 after tax and fees) and it includes:⁣
  • Machining your slide for the i-DOT System ⁣
  • The proper i-DOT plate for the optic footprint of your choice:
    • Trijicon RMR / Holosun 407C / Holosun 507C / Holosun 508T
    • Trijicon RMRcc
    • Aimpoint ACRO
    • Holosun 509T
    • Holosun 507K⁣ / Holosun 407K / Holosun EPS
    • Leupold DPP (coming soon)
  • Blackout backup irons with a lower 1/3 cowitness⁣
  • QPQ Black Nitride on the slide after machining⁣
  • Proprietary modification to the firing pin block and replacement spring
  • All necessary screws / mounting hardware and installation⁣
With a price tag of $450 for the complete package the i-DOT System provides more options, for more optics, at a better price. Period.⁣

Give your HK the love it deserves. Your future self will thank you.⁣
Lead Time
Currently we are quoting 6-8 weeks for i-DOT conversions.
**Please include the complete slide assembly ie: assembled slide, barrel, guide rod / spring. If you include your optic we also provide you with a complimentary mount and laser boresight of your optic.
The above pricing is for slides received in a clean – lightly oiled condition. Dirty slides must be cleaned before they can be machined. Slides for machining that are received in a dirty condition will be cleaned and billed accordingly.



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