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Laser Engraving

  • NFA Markings
  • Names and Graphics
  • Manufacture Markings
  • Serial and Part Numbers



Laser Engraving:
NFA Markings
Names and Graphics
Manufacture Markings
Serial and Part Numbers


At Wright Armory we specialize in gunsmithing. It’s not something we do on the side, it’s our bread and butter. Our knowledgeable staff services 3,000 – 4,000 guns every year, so when we say full service we mean it! We approach gunsmithing differently than most, rather than running from technology, we embrace it. We have merged our streamlined processes with cutting edge technology to provide you with a gunsmithing experience unlike any other.

We have implemented a revolutionary system that will allow you to view the progress of your weapon as it moves through the system 24 hours a day, we also provide email & text message notifications. All these technological advancements eliminate the need to play phone tag and allow you to spend more of your time doing whats important to you.

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Wright Armory CERAKOTE CERTIFIED. Full service gunsmith shop 07 FFL & SOT. Laser Engraving,Custom Builds, Class 3 Rebuilds & Service, General Repairs, Refinishing.

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy huevos rancheros and it’s scientifically proven that they’re the same thing 💁🏼‍♂️⁣

Stole this from @heavydsparks because the world needs to know the keys to happiness. #wrightarmory #gunsmith #breakfastofchampions #freedom

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This is a real leader. Take note, the world could use more men like this. Articulate, passionate, Godly, civil, dressed to the 9’s, bringing real change. ...

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This was a fun build to be apart of. Super clean, super functional shotty #scatergun #wrightarmory #recoilmagazine #silencer #murica #freedom #tactical⁣
Italy is known for turning out some great shotguns. There’s a good chance that Benelli and Beretta, perhaps Perazzi, just popped into your mind. But what about Fabarm? Formed in Brescia by the Galesi family in 1900, Fabarm got started with side-by-side and over-under shotguns, expanding into semi-autos and pumps. More known for sporting and hunting guns, Fabarm doubled down on the tactical shotgun market by standing up Fabarm Professional a few years ago with the STF 12 pump shotgun as its centerpiece. Full review is up on Recoil Web and linked in our bio @recoilmagazine.⁣

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@hecklerandkoch P30’s really don’t get enough credit. They are fantastic pistols! ⁣

We tricked this HK P30 out with backup irons, a holosun cut, and some fresh battle worn burnt bronze Cerakote.⁣⁣
We live striker fired world where hammer fired guns don’t get enough love. It seems any more that if it’s not a #glock it’s an #exotic⁣⁣
Do you agree? Comment your preference below, are you a striker fired only shooter, or do you like hammer fired guns too?⁣⁣
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Optic cuts, Slide cut, and Cloaked in cerakote. #wrightarmory #dotguys #cerakote #rmrcut #snipergrey #murica #freedom #tacticalgear #2a #glock #phx #az #gunsmithaz #azgunsmith ...

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Rocking into the weekend makin chips. Crankin out optic cuts fer dayz! #wrightarmory #reddotsferdayz #dotguys #gratefulforthework ⁣

We are honored and extremely grateful for all the support! We love our customers and we love working on your guns! ⁣

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Happy Independence Day! We are forever grateful to those 56 men that pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor when they signed the Declaration of Independence 244 years ago. #birthday244
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Wright Armory has been deemed an essential business both by the Federal Government and by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. As such our lobby will be re-opening today April 1st @ 10am and semi normal business hours will resume.⁣

Due to the nature of the Covid-19 outbreak, we will have some slight modifications to the way we conduct business in person for the foreseeable future. These changes will be in keeping with the C.D.C.'s Social Distancing Guidelines by limiting person to person interaction to the absolute minimum. ⁣

New Lobby Guidelines:⁣
-1 At A Time:⁣
Only 1 customer will be allowed in the lobby at a time. Please ring the doorbell upon your arrival and a staff member will take care of you as soon as possible.⁣

-Credit Cards Only:⁣
To reduce the amount of exposure to both customers and staff cash payments will not be accepted. All payments will be tendered electronically over the phone or via e-invoice.⁣

-Order Form:⁣
Customers dropping off items to be worked on will need to bring a completed order form from our website detailing: their information, the guns information, and the desired work to be performed.⁣

-Prepay Pickup:⁣
In order to make the pickup process move as quickly as possible, we ask that the balance remaining on all tickets be paid in full via e-invoice before you come to the shop to pickup your items.⁣

-Photo ID: ⁣
Photo ID is required for pickup. If you forget your ID in your vehicle it will result in unnecessary delays.⁣

-6 Feet of Separation:⁣
If a line begins to form while you are waiting for your turn in the lobby please observe the Social Distancing protocol of keeping six feet between yourself and others.⁣

-Covid-19 Lobby Hours:⁣
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm: Saturdays will remain closed. ⁣ ⁣
We know these changes are a step in the right direction, yet still less than ideal. We hope to get back to business as usual as soon as possible. As the situation progresses we will release updates via social media and our email list so please follow or subscribe to stay updated.⁣

We appreciate your understanding, support, and your business!⁣

#wrightarmory #covidblows #muricastrong #pewpew #azgunsmith #gunsmith

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