Cerakote Application

Wright Armory is Arizona’s Premier Certified Cerakote Applicator

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Cerakote out-performs any competitive thin film coating in both laboratory and real world applications.

Wright Armory proudly offers Cerakote: H Series, C Series, High Temp, Thermal Barrier, Thermal Dissipation, Heat Signature Management, Piston Coat, Turbine Coat, Electrical Barrier, and Cerakote Elite or E Series. Below you will find a list of our stocking colors.

We can coat just about anything in any pattern: optics, scopes, stocks, hand guards, rifles, pistols, shotguns and other non-firearm related parts… Whether you want one color or complicated camo, you have come to the Wright place.

Wright Armory coats upwards of 45,000 parts per year and has provided OEM Cerakote coatings for the following industries:

  • Advertising & Specialty
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Cycling
  • Firearms and Hunting
  • Heath-care
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Marine / Maritime
  • Motorsports
  • Off Road Racing
  • Public Utilities
  • US DoD

We can handle projects from 1 to 10,000 per batch. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Handguns Solid Color Battle Worn Free Hand Camo Pattern Camo
Slide 80 110 115 125
Frame 125 145 150 165
Complete 205 255 265 275
Base plates 10 15 15 20
Back straps 15 20 20 25
custom stencil 30
Labor Handgun (assembly & Disassembly) 50
Labor 1/2 Handgun (Slide only or Frame only) 37.50
AR Style & Semi-autos Solid Color Battle Worn Free Hand Camo Pattern Camo
upper, lower, rail & stock 250 310 325 335
complete 300 395 395 450
small parts 80 90 95 100
Upper, Lower or Rail (a la carte) 80
Labor (assembly & Disassembly) 90
Boltgun & Shotgun Solid Color Battle Worn Free Hand Camo Pattern Camo
Metal Only 255 315 315 345
Shotgun Stock & Forend 125 165 165 175
Rifle Stock (add $50 if bedded) 150 200 200 215
Long Gun Complete 375 400 400 450
Labor (assembly & Disassembly) 90
Scopes & Optics Solid Color Battle Worn Free Hand Camo Pattern Camo
Magnified Rifle Scope 200 245 245 265
Patrol / Red Dot Style Optic 165 205 205 225
Rings 45 55 55 75
Bases 35 35 35 55
custom stencil 35
Surpressors Solid Color Battle Worn Free Hand Camo Pattern Camo
Thread On 135 160 170 180
Quick Disconnect Style 160 185 200 215
custom stencil 35
H Series H Series cont’d
H-109 Gloss Black H-220 Ridgeway Blue
H-122 Gold H-227 Tactical Grey
H-130 Combat Grey H-232 Magpul OD Green
H-140 Bright White H-234 Sinper Grey
H-142 Light Sand H-235 Coyote Tan
H-143 Benelli Sand H-237 Tungsten Grey
H-146 Graphite Black  H-247 Desert Sage
H-147 Satin Mag H-264 Mil Spec Green
H-148 Burnt Bronze  H-265 FDE
H-151 Satin Aluminum H-267 Magpul FDE
H-166 Electric Yellow  H-268 Troy Coyote Tan
H-168 Zombie Gree  H-300 High Gloss Clear
H-169 Sky Blue Elite Series
H-175 Robin’s Egg Blue  All 8 Elite Colors
H-185 Blue Titanium C Series
H-197 Wild Purple C-102 Graphite Black
H-199 Desert Sand C-211 Desert Sand
H-203 McMillan Tan C-212 Desert Sage
H-214 Smith’s Grey C-214 Federal Brown
H-216 Smith & Wesson Red C-226 Patriot Brown
H-217 Bright Purple C-240 Coyote Tan
H-219 Gun Metal Grey C-246 FDE

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