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At Wright Armory we service, customize, and scratch build rifles. We know that there are 100 different versions of the “perfect rifle”, but we believe you should be able to get them all worked on at the same place. Whether its your service rifle, your battle rifle, your tac-driver, or your hunting rifle; Wright Armory is your one stop shop for all things rifle.


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AK Style Rifles

Remove ban era welded muzzle attachments: $50

Fit hand guard retainer: $45

Thread muzzle: starting at $112.50 (barrel only)

Thread Barrel AK Platform Metric LH Threads: $260 (w/ req. cut and crown)

Thread Barrel AK Platform Standard RH Threads: $240 w/ req. cut and crown

Single stack – double stack conversion: $200

Build from parts kit with 1 color cerakote : $550

Custom builds starting at: $800

AR Style Rifles

Swap crush time muzzle brake: $25

Swap or install mount or brake that times w/ shims: $35

Install customer supplied low profile gas block: $40

Install free float hand-guard: $60

Assemble customer’s upper receiver: $80

Assemble customer’s lower receiver: $80

Cut and crown muzzle: $100

Cut, crown, and thread muzzle: $200

Pin and weld muzzle device: $125

Open gas port to mil-spec dimension: $80

Laser engrave NFA trust: $50

Stock Work

Custom grind a recoil pad: $80

Install and grind Kick-eez recoil pad: $125

Install customer supplied sling studs: $45

Install bipod stud (includes t-nut and stud): $45

Inlet flat top stock: $250

Inlet stock for customers bottom metal: $150

Bolt Action Rifles

Re-crown muzzle: $80

Cut and Crown Barrel (we can cut any crown you like): $112.50

Thread muzzle for brake or suppressor: $112.50 (suppressor or mount if Q/D must be present to test fit threads)

Thread Muzzle and touch up crown: $175

Thread muzzle and re-crown: $225

Custom muzzle brake (includes threads, finish, and install): $235 (+$25 for .338 – .375 + $100 for  .400 – .50) 

Machine thread protector several options available including knurling: starting at $60

Drill and tap scope base: $23/ hole (3 hole min)

Pillar bed action: $250

Pillar bed action and barrel channel: $300

Chamber and fit barrel on most center-fire actions: $300 (additional $50 for extractor cut)

Chamber Setback and Re-cut for accuracy: $250 – $350

Blue print action (True bolt lugs, receiver face, threads, lug abutments, and lap lugs): $250; does not include required setback

Inlet fiberglass stock for bottom metal: $150

Badger Bolt Knob Install (includes badger knob): $100

Custom bolt knob install: $100

M-16 style extractor install: $180

Bend Bolt (most military rifles): $125

Trigger Job 2.0 lb – 3.5 lb on most rifles: $100

Mount, level, and bore-sight customer’s scope:  $60



Stocking Reamers
.17 HMR Finish .35 Whelen Finish
.22 LR Finish .357 Mag Finish
.22 LR Euro Finish .380 ACP Finish
.22 Mag (WRF) Finish .38 Super Finish
.223 Rem Finish .40 S&W Finish
.243 Finish .416 Throating
.243 Cal Throating .45 ACP Finish
.25-06 Rem Finish .50 BMG Finish
.260 Rem Finish 5.45x39 Finish
.270 Win Finish 6mm Throating
.30 Cal Throating 6mm Rem Finish
.30 Carbine Finish 6.5 Creedmoor Finish
.300 Blackout Finish 6.5 Grendel Finish
.300 PRC Finish 6.5 x 284 Norma Lapua Finish
.300 Rem Ultra Mag Finish 7mm Rem Mag finish
.300 Win Mag 7mm-08 Finish
.300 WSM Finish 7.62x39 Finish
.30-06 Finish 7.62x54R Finish
.308 Win Finish 7x64 Bren Finish
.338 Throating 8x64 Bren Finish
.338 WM Finish 9mm Luger Finish

* The above is a list of our stocking reamers. If the reamer needed for your job is not on the above list it will be subject to a special order fee.

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